All Purpose Raw Butters

All Purpose Raw Butters


So if there's one balm for all your dry skin needs then it is this Raw Butters. It's clean, rich in texture, soothing and forms a protective barrier on the skin. You can use it for dry scalp, cradle cap, babies dry skin, growing strechy belly, sun burns, diaper rash, dry hands, heels, bug bites, lips, chapped cheeks, cuticles, in-shower butter, hand cream, massage oil and much more.


You can even use this Raw Butters to give your little one a hot oil massage, just take 1-2 tsps, warm it a bit in microwave and use your fingers to give your baby a gentle massage.

Or use it as a in-shower treatment, while in shower - massage this body butter all over focussing on the dry areas. Pat Dry, it gets absorbed in the wet skin very quickly and forms a protective barrier on the dry skin all day.


This body butter is simple with just 3 effective ingredients, organic and raw that soothes, moisturizes, calms irritated dry skin and decreases inflammation. And unlike many store-bought baby lotions and creams, this Raw Butters contains NO Fragrances, chemicals, sulfates, parabens, fillers or preservatives.


Fragrance free to keep it safe for all skins and ages especially young kids. 


Handmade | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free

    • Coconut oil is truly an AMAZING oil, with multitude of benefits, abundant in healing, soothing, antifungal, antioxidants and antibacterial properties, whipped with Shea and Mango Butters this body balm is thick, highly concentrated yet absorbs quickly when in contact with the skin. There is no wax added so it won't feel greasy on the skin.
    • Shea butter is considered since ages to be super moisturizing due to its abundance in fatty acids and vitamins (specifically, A and E). Considered as safe for all skin types — even the most delicates and the new borns.
    • Mango butter feels silky, it softens and deeply moisturizes the baby’s sensitive skin, with regenerative properties it soothes and fights dry skin and skin irritants like eczema, cradle cap, nursing mom's sore nipples, soothe keratosis pilaris, after shave or waxing, etc etc.