Body Butters

Body Butters


This healing, best-selling, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants rich natural body butter tones, calms and keeps the skin healthy, nourished and moisturized.
Handmade with high quality ingredients that are pure, organic and safe enough to eat.

  • Organic shea butter for everyone and for every skin. It is loaded with vitamins A, E, F, Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids (Linoleic and Linolenic), it is known to reduce eczema, skin rashes, even out skin tone, soften and nourish your skin. It is non-comedogenic and perfect for those affected by acne who are looking for an effective and truly natural solution for their skin.

    • Cold pressed organic coconut oil has a pleasant smell and provides deep conditioning and is a natural skin moisturizer.

    • Cold pressed and organic high quality Sweet Almond Oil nourishes, promotes skin elasticity and leaves the skin soft & supple.

    • Aloe Vera - rich in vitamin C, E and beta carotene that gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing properties. It's soothing and cooling properties help keep the skin youthful & glowing. It's an excellent moisturizer, keeps away acne and inflammations and an ideal natural remedy for treating stretch marks.