Glow - Turmeric & Manuka Honey Mask

Glow - Turmeric & Manuka Honey Mask


Turmeric + Manuka Honey mask for the Visibly glowing skin. It clarifies pores, super hydrating, heals breakouts, acne, dark spots and overall radiant complexion.


  • The Turmeric + Manuka Honey Glow mask calms irritated skin, reduces and heals breakouts, deeply detoxifies, balances oil production on the skin and brightens the uneven skin tone.


  • Formulated with the blend of our clarifying Glow Turmeric Face Elixir this mask gently exfoliates, brighten, clarifies the skin tone, smoothens wrinkles and lines, and even tone and texture, balance the skin oils, reduce the appearance of fine lines for a firmer complexion.


  • This purifying mask has a soft, silky and spreadable texture, with warm earthy aroma of turmeric.


  • The beauty of this mask is it doesn't dry out on the face like the traditional face masks, which means your skin absorbs healthy doses of all the nutrients and vitamins without getting dried or itchy.


  • NEVER use alcohols, artificial fragrances, synthetic colors, preservatives, propylene glycol, phthalates, or parabens.



    • Turmeric -Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral powerhouse. This golden Root helps treat a variety of skin ailments (dryness, redness, roughness, and irritation) and promotes healthy circulation, and is safe to use even for sensitive skin.It improves the complexion, tone, and texture of the skin. It is antiallergenic, antimicrobial and antiseptic, it's a powerful healer for overall health, & work wonders for the skin of all types.
    • Manuka Honey is a natural humectant -- drawing moisture from the air into the skin ensuring deep retention for penetrating, long-lasting hydration. Referred to as the nectar of the gods in India, honey's antibacterial properties prevent bacterial buildup, fending off oil imbalances and breakouts. sweat glands, pores and hair follicles are contained.