Pamper your skin with calming Lavender, created with Pure Lavender Flower water, always organic.


Our facial mists are rich and concentrated Pure Flower waters, and not a blend of water/juices with essential oils.

No fillers, No essential oils used, No alcohols, No preservatives added. Handcrafted in small batches, suitable for all skin types.

Naturally balancing and calming Lavender water is an essential toner for both dry/dull and troubled acne prone skin. And the smell is divine….you will be obsessed with this gentle natural perfume.


  • Key Ingredients
    o Pure Lavender Flower Water naturally keeps the skin pH balanced, it is deeply hydrating, encourages youthful glow to the skin, is beneficial for sun burns, soothe redness, acne, uneven skin tone, hydrates even the dry / flaky skin, reduces the appearance of pores. It balances the skin oil production, making it ideal for all skin types to restore skin pH and also encourages skin turnover resulting in a even skin tone. It is a great aftersun spray, helps in relieves stress, softens and soothes tired skin.

    Full List Of Ingredients.

    Lavender Flower Water