This healing, best-selling, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants rich natural body butter tones, calms and keeps the skin healthy, nourished and moisturized.
Handmade with high quality ingredients that are pure, organic and safe enough to eat.

Ingredients: ( Raw & Organic )
Raw Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Essential Oil Blends ( Not present in Unscented).


• Organic shea butter for everyone and for every skin. It is loaded with vitamins A, E, F, Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids (Linoleic and Linolenic), it is known to reduce eczema, skin rashes, even out skin tone, soften and nourish your skin. It is non-comedogenic and perfect for those affected by acne who are looking for an effective and truly natural solution for their skin.

• Cold pressed organic coconut oil has a pleasant smell and provides deep conditioning and is a natural skin moisturizer.

• Cold pressed and organic high quality Sweet Almond Oil nourishes, promotes skin elasticity and leaves the skin soft & supple.

• Aloe Vera - rich in vitamin C, E and beta carotene that gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing properties. It's soothing and cooling properties help keep the skin youthful & glowing. It's an excellent moisturizer, keeps away acne and inflammations and an ideal natural remedy for treating stretch marks.

About the Scents Available:

Coffee + vanilla body butter - smells so so so yummy! But why coffee? Well, with its caffeine and antioxidant content, coffee can work magic to smoothen, protect and stimulate the skin. So instead of drinking your coffee, apply it. It increases the blood flow in the body, which in turn enhances the collagen production. Coffee is a great antioxidant, it will protect the skin from acne breakouts too. And vanilla, gives this coffee body butter a lush latte aroma that encourages rest and relaxation. You must try this combo 😉

Turmeric body butter is spicy, earthy and a little sweet. It's been a holistic staple of healing in India for centuries. Incredibly high in anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, Turmeric is effective in treating acne as well as redness from inflamed/active blemishes, while also lessening hyperpigmentation.

Rose + Vanilla body butter has delicate, sweet and soft smell that alleviates mood, and is so soothing and relaxing. It also helps maintain the skin's pH balance, and also controls excess oil.

Lavender body butter is calming, mood enhancing as well as incredibly beneficial herb. Considered as one of the best herbs to treat insomnia and stress, the pure, organic lavender oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and antidepressant properties. It is also said to treat dry skin, acne, wrinkles, itchy skin, insect bites and eczema.

Mint + Rosemary body butter stimulates the senses, its clean, crisp, cooling and refreshing..feels just like you stepped out of an energizing Spa session. So energizing!!

Lime and Ginger body butter has a energizing pick-me-up scent that is so stimulating and energizing.

Lime and Mint body butter has a refreshing summer scent and feels cooling on the skin.

Unscented body butter is suitable for all skin types especially people with extremely dry, flaky and sensitive skins like those of babies and kids.

Ylang- Ylang is instant mood boosting, it's exquisite aroma is so summery, flowery, peacefully sweet and delightful.

Lavender - Rose: Smells like a heavenly bouquet of sweet red roses and soothing lavender. It's our best selling scents in Deodorants too.

How To Use:
Use as a daily moisturizer, either after shower, or whenever your skin needs hydration.
You just need a little bit, it goes a long way.